The Best NBA Betting Advice on the Planet

I am one of the biggest NBA fans in the world. I have a favorite team, but I see every team as much as possible. That said, I thought it would be really good sports betting. Then I’ll use some of the tactics here in Paris, and I will tell how I cut.

Opting for the home team

All sports fans know that a team plays better at home than on the road. There are rare cases in which a foja team is better than their home record, but rarely, if ever, happens in the NBA. This is my first bet tactic. Bet on the home team.

I began to trust only those who win the game, but do not pay well paris. For example, if you bet $ 100 to the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly the Seattle Supersonics, sad I know), you will probably only make $ 20 or more. Paris Such certainly not a good way to make money. With occasional investment, not to make money, in fact, is likely to lose money. It happened to me. I like to make out 3 or 4 paris instead of losing, and I bet, lost more money to win over three paris gave me.

Betting Underdog

That’s when I started losing in Paris the point spread. In the example above, the Lakers probably favored by more than 10 points, so I’ll bet the Thunder lose by less than 10 points. It pays much better than Paris, who would win the match. If you bet $ 100 on the thunder and lost by less than 10 points would earn about $ 90 or more. I thought it was going to work hard, but again, I lost money.

A look at the teams that have played two nights in a row

Then I tried Paris against teams that played two nights in a row. I thought it would be a success because the teams will play two nights in a row would be tired and probably would not play as well as they are capable of playing. Again, I lost money.

In short, Paris is in NBA games almost impossible. I lost money and not really know what they do differently. I would bet the opposite of what I said, but my inclination is difficult to make again and again. Who sets the score lines Vegas and know what they are doing an excellent job. My experience is not a big sports fan can make money betting on sports should be a lesson to you all. The fact that they know the players, teams, coaches, injury reports and game site, just know that also knows Vegas.