How to bet on Volleyball

There are many ways to bet on volleyball with Pinnacle Sports. Bettors have the opportunity to bet on different markets with a variety of different betting formats such as:

1×2 Volleyball Betting:

1×2 markets are the most common market and the simplest way for a player to understand the cost of a bet. 1×2 volleyball bettors are simply betting on which team will win the match.

Volleyball Futures Betting:

Pinnacle Sports offer future markets on volleyball. Take an outright punt on the team before the start of the competition and, if you’re right, see your profits roll in.

Volleyball Total Sets Betting:

Predict whether the total number of sets won by both teams will be over or under the value set by Pinnacle Sports.

Volleyball Sets Handicap Betting:

Betting on the handicap occurs when one team is favoured over their opponents. To counter the perceived bias in ability, bookmakers offer a handicap of sets to level the playing field.

These sets are then added to the game’s final score, and the winner is the team that wins with these additions.

Volleyball First Set Betting:

Punters can bet on the outcome of the first set in a volleyball match.
Volleyball betting competition guide

Pinnacle Sports offer volleyball betting for the most popular domestic and International competitions, including:

Olympic Volleyball Betting:

The Summer Olympics is held every four years and is the pinnacle for national volleyball teams.

FVIB World Championships Betting:

The FIVB volleyball World Championship is an international men and women’s indoor volleyball tournament in which 24 teams compete at the finals to lift the competition that occurs every four years.

World League Volleyball Betting:

The World League is an international men’s volleyball competition. Since 1990 16 teams contest this annual tournament across five continents.

World Cup Volleyball Betting:

Both men and women compete in this international tournament, which acts as a qualifier for the summer Olympics.

Grand Prix Volleyball Betting:

The World Grand Prix is an annual international women’s competition, which is considered the women’s version of the Volleyball World league.

Domestic Volleyball Betting:

Pinnacle Sports offer a number of betting opportunities for domestic volleyball leagues across all continents.

Volleyball betting tips

Despite volleyball gaining less coverage than other sports, this can be turned into an advantage for the punter. By conducting thorough research they can gain an edge over the bookmakers and give themselves a better opportunity to make a profit in volleyball betting.