Horse Betting: What is the prize money is endowed with horseracing?

The prize money for horseracing are doped differently. They are not necessarily of the train, but from the classes of horses that flock to it because horses are divided into different classes. The higher the class, the more important the race is and is then comparable to the highest league in other sports. Prices there are in any case for the winner, however, mostly for places two through four.

In more rare cases, also prize money for horse racing at the fifth and sixth place will be awarded. The prize money will be distributed with a key that is usually at 10:4:2:1 is and reflects the proportion that the particular horse won by riders. In Germany, there is the distinction between Class A and B.

The latter has a maximum doping 2000 €, which is enshrined in the rules. Internationally, there is a standard, so that can be obtained on most cars the same prize money. A Group I winner must then receive at least € 90,000 in prize money. The Dubai World Cup is wide at the top; here can look forward to winning and horse about $ 6 million. Listed Race III and Group races are naturally less endowed, but they have for the winner also a minimum funding of € 12,000 and € 40,000.

How important is the jockey on horseracing?

The profession of the jockeys requires a three-year and of course, it is also a test that needs to be completed and at least 50 races in Class-A, which must be won. Only then may be thought of as Jockey call.

The weight of 55 kg also is not to be exceeded. There is no size restriction; therefore, the jockeys are usually rather small. Who the training jockey wants to make must already have knowledge of riding, where is also clear that it cannot be any jockey. Because it requires high awareness, as it communicates directly with the horse on the track.

Small changes of the rider can already make sure that the horse is different, so the importance of the jockeys in horseracing should not be underestimated. The Jockey contributes significantly to how a horse runs. It is also important that he always kept a good attitude, so to keep rather flat on the horse, so that the body slows down unnecessarily. Even in long curve must go with the Jockey full and can indicate that too.

Often horse and jockey are a good team, so a horse with a new jockey certainly also need once a time for acclimatization.