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Horse Betting: What is the prize money is endowed with horseracing?

The prize money for horseracing are doped differently. They are not necessarily of the train, but from the classes of horses that flock to it because horses are divided into different classes. The higher the class, the more important the race is and is then comparable to the highest league in other sports. Prices there are in any case for the winner, however, mostly for places two through four.

In more rare cases, also prize money for horse racing at the fifth and sixth place will be awarded. The prize money will be distributed with a key that is usually at 10:4:2:1 is and reflects the proportion that the particular horse won by riders. In Germany, there is the distinction between Class A and B.

The latter has a maximum doping 2000 €, which is enshrined in the rules. Internationally, there is a standard, so that can be obtained on most cars the same prize money. A Group I winner must then receive at least € 90,000 in prize money. The Dubai World Cup is wide at the top; here can look forward to winning and horse about $ 6 million. Listed Race III and Group races are naturally less endowed, but they have for the winner also a minimum funding of € 12,000 and € 40,000.

How important is the jockey on horseracing?

The profession of the jockeys requires a three-year and of course, it is also a test that needs to be completed and at least 50 races in Class-A, which must be won. Only then may be thought of as Jockey call.

The weight of 55 kg also is not to be exceeded. There is no size restriction; therefore, the jockeys are usually rather small. Who the training jockey wants to make must already have knowledge of riding, where is also clear that it cannot be any jockey. Because it requires high awareness, as it communicates directly with the horse on the track.

Small changes of the rider can already make sure that the horse is different, so the importance of the jockeys in horseracing should not be underestimated. The Jockey contributes significantly to how a horse runs. It is also important that he always kept a good attitude, so to keep rather flat on the horse, so that the body slows down unnecessarily. Even in long curve must go with the Jockey full and can indicate that too.

Often horse and jockey are a good team, so a horse with a new jockey certainly also need once a time for acclimatization.

Formula 1: Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona

Three weeks after the four flyaway races, now the Europa series of Formula 1 events start on Sunday with the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. This is certainly very exciting, because almost all the teams are having a break from racing for extensive testing and technical modifications to the cars to be used.

So far, the team of Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Mercedes are on the same level, but also Lotus and Sauber are not all too far away from the top. Ferrari’s season had been quite full of ups and downs, and the overall performance was not up to that of the aforesaid teams listed above.

Red Bull has generally been mentioned as a slight favorite for the World Cup again now in 2012with much more intense competition than in the past season. This also confirms the fact that in the previous four races there were four different winners and winning teams.

After the test phase, and the technical and aerodynamic improvements to the bolids in Spain, the cards are shuffled, and so the local hero Fernando Alonso at Ferrari’s is full of energy and emotion in this his home Grand Prix. He sees the race in Barcelona as a key race for his team, though not as absolutely decisive for the 2012 season.

It still remains to be seen how far Ferrari have improved thier car in practice since the last Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain, and whether they can ever fully come close to the top teams. In any case, the Spanish motorsport fans are enthusiastically excited, and there is optimism reigning around the Circuit de Catalunya on the weekend in a true Alonso & Ferrari mania!

Betting: Actions Online Casinos

Special promotions at online casinos. Free money, free spins, a trip to exotic places … there are so many ways to get more out of your gaming experience. You will surely find many bargains, if you decide to play in a creative online casino.

Some of there are too good and you certainly would not want to ignore them. The special casino promotions are not necessarily more lucrative than others are, but you make gambling a lot more entertaining. In this way, they gain some loyal players who appreciate lasting action.

Play and keep the money

Some casinos offer the cool action that you can play free and still keep the profits. This bonus is often given to new players as a welcome offer, for example, real-money casino. Normally, you must within a certain time to play as much as you want. Any winnings will be credited to your casino account and after the ending; you can use this money for other games. To be paid out your winnings, you must have met the wagering requirements of the bonus granted.

Travel and Events

In some casinos, you can win trips to special events. By participating in a lottery or a tournament, you can win a trip to the sunny spot in the world where you will be invited to a special casino event. Normally, these actions also include the ticket for a friend, the hotel stay and a little pocket money for your wager. There are also special promotions, where you meet your friends from the casino in a restaurant or on a cruise, where you can relax and enjoy your happiness.

Find the best deals

To find the right for you special promotions, just read the online casino review. Alternatively, you can also ask your online casino, to send you a newsletter, so you will not miss any special actions or current promotions more. Do not forget that the special casino promotions can take your online gaming to a new level, so you try it out anyway.